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RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock 6 Feet Self 32020003001/USA


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Unbeatable Security for Your Bike with RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock

Protecting your bike from theft is of utmost importance, and the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock is here to provide unbeatable security. With its robust construction, this bike lock ensures that your bike remains safe and secure wherever you go. No more worrying about leaving your bike unattended – trust in the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock to keep it protected.

Exceptional Length and Durability

When it comes to bike locks, length matters. The RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock offers a generous 6 feet of cable length, allowing you to secure your bike in various situations. Whether you need to lock it to a bike rack, a pole, or any other fixed structure, this lock provides enough length to ensure a tight and secure fit. Moreover, its high-quality materials make it incredibly durable, providing long-lasting protection for your bike.

Convenient Self-Coiling Design

Say goodbye to tangled cables and wasted time with the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock’s convenient self-coiling design. This lock can be easily wrapped around your bike frame or any other object, making it incredibly user-friendly. Its coiling mechanism ensures that the cable is neatly stored and ready for use whenever you need it, eliminating any hassle or frustration during locking and unlocking.

Effortless Portability for On-The-Go Security

When you’re on the move, carrying a heavy and bulky lock can be a hassle. The RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock solves this problem with its lightweight construction and compact design. It can be easily folded and stored in your backpack, saddlebag, or even mounted on your bike frame using the included bracket. Take it with you anywhere and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having secure on-the-go protection for your bike.

Weather-Resistant and Long-Lasting

No matter the weather conditions, the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock will continue to provide reliable security for your bike. Its weather-resistant coating ensures that it remains unaffected by rain, snow, or humidity, preventing rust and corrosion. This lock is built to withstand the test of time, offering you long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Premium Quality Lock to Safeguard Your Investment

Investing in a high-quality lock is essential to safeguarding your bike, and the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock exceeds expectations. With its secure key-operated locking mechanism, it provides a strong and reliable barrier against theft. Rest assured knowing that your bike is protected by a lock that has been designed and tested to meet the highest security standards.


Don’t let the fear of theft keep you from enjoying your bike adventures. With the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is well-protected. Its unbeatable security, exceptional length and durability, convenient self-coiling design, effortless portability, weather-resistant construction, and premium quality lock make it the perfect choice for all bike owners. Invest in the RockBros Coiling Cable Bike Lock and ride with confidence!

bike lock



Zinc Alloy


4-Digit Password Combination

This bike cable lock has a safe 4-digit password combination, which allows you to set your own password with several steps in a short time. It also can be reset when your password is disclosed

Hard Zinc Alloy Material

4/6Feet optional cable size is made of zinc alloy steel and rubber, the cable thick 1/2inch and the zinc alloy cable can prevent the cable from being cut off and protect your bike or car

Detachable Mounting Bracket

We designed a mounting bracket (fits 0.9’’-1.2’’ diameter seat tube) to fix the bike lock under the seat to make this bike lock more portable than other ordinary bike locks. Two rubbers will be provided for the bracket to prevent seat tube paint from scratching








Alloy Steel, Steel, Zinc


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