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RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock Anti-Theft Bike Wheel Lock 12MM ‎A600TBK


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Protect Your Bike Like Never Before with the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock

Introducing the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock, the ultimate solution for protecting your bike from theft. Designed with precision and engineered for maximum security, this anti-theft bike wheel lock is your first line of defense against would-be thieves.

Unbreakable Security with 12mm Reinforced Steel

At RockBros, we believe in creating products that go above and beyond industry standards. That’s why our Small Bike Cable Lock is constructed with 12mm reinforced steel, making it virtually unbreakable. Don’t settle for flimsy locks that thieves can easily cut through. Upgrade to the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock and enjoy peace of mind knowing your bike is safe and secure.

Compact and Portable Design for Easy Storage

We understand that convenience is a key factor when it comes to bicycle locks. That’s why we designed the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock to be compact and portable. Its lightweight design and flexible cable allow for easy storage and transportation, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re commuting to work or stopping for a quick coffee, this lock will always be by your side.

Multi-Purpose Lock for All Your Security Needs

The versatility of the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock is unparalleled. Not only is it perfect for securing your bike, but it can also be used to lock scooters, skateboards, and even garden equipment. With its adjustable length, you can easily secure multiple items together, providing you with all-round security in one compact device.

Easy to Use with a Double-sided Locking Mechanism

We believe that security should never be complicated. That’s why we made sure the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock is easy to use for everyone. Its double-sided locking mechanism allows for quick and hassle-free locking, while its durable lock barrel ensures smooth and reliable operation. Say goodbye to fumbling with complicated locks and hello to effortless security.

The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

The RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock not only provides unparalleled security but also looks sleek and stylish. Its black finish and minimalist design make it a perfect accessory for any bike enthusiast. Don’t settle for boring and generic locks. Choose the RockBros Small Bike Cable Lock and protect your bike in style.






With diameter of 95mm/3.74inch, ROCKBROS lightweight cable lock is easy to carry, minimize the burden. Especially suitable for children.

Resettable 4-digit password

You can set 10000 possible private password, 3 steps to set your password. This bike lock with combination is ease to use.

Zinc alloy lock cylinder

Made up of high-quality zinc alloy, the cylinder of this bicycle cable lock has great anti-break performance.








Alloy Steel, Steel, Zinc


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