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RockBros Electric Bike Pump 150 Psi Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor ‎42720001002-CBR


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Effortless Inflation for Your Bike Tires

With the RockBros Electric Bike Pump, inflating your bike tires has never been easier. This portable air compressor is specifically designed for bike tires, providing efficient and effortless inflation up to 150 Psi. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a casual rider, this tire inflator is a must-have accessory to keep your bike tires properly inflated for a smooth and safe ride.

Compact and Portable Design

Designed with portability in mind, the RockBros Electric Bike Pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Whether you’re heading out for a long biking adventure or simply commuting to work, you can conveniently pack this portable air compressor in your backpack or attach it to your bike frame using the included mounting bracket. Say goodbye to bulky and heavy pumps, and hello to convenience and efficiency.

Quick and Easy Inflation

Say goodbye to manual pumping and welcome the convenience of quick and easy inflation with the RockBros Electric Bike Pump. Simply connect the nozzle to your bike tire, set the desired pressure, and let the pump do the rest. The built-in pressure gauge allows you to monitor the inflation process, ensuring that you achieve the optimal pressure for your bike tires. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be ready to hit the road with confidence.

Versatile and Multi-functional

Not only is the RockBros Electric Bike Pump ideal for inflating bike tires, but it is also a multi-functional tool that can be used for various inflatables. Whether you need to inflate your basketball, football, or even air mattress, this portable air compressor has got you covered. With its versatile and multi-functional design, you’ll never have to worry about having multiple pumps for different purposes.

Smart and User-friendly Features

The RockBros Electric Bike Pump is equipped with smart and user-friendly features that make inflating your bike tires a breeze. The LED display allows for easy reading of the pressure, even in low-light conditions. The auto shut-off function ensures that your tires don’t get overinflated, protecting them from damage. With its intelligent design, this tire inflator takes the guesswork out of inflating your bike tires.

Reliable and Durable Performance

When it comes to performance and durability, the RockBros Electric Bike Pump delivers. Built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, this tire inflator is designed to withstand regular use and provide reliable performance for years to come. Whether you’re a frequent rider or an occasional cyclist, you can trust that this portable air compressor will always be there when you need it. Invest in the RockBros Electric Bike Pump and experience the convenience of effortless inflation.

Portable Air Pump Electric
Portable Air Pump Electric

Portable Air Pump Electric

Portable Air Pump Electric

Portable Air Pump Electric

Type-C Port

The rechargeable cordless compressor with 2600 mAh battery and Type-C port. Portable and quickly charge

Bright LED Screen

This electric bike infator adopts a bright LED screen, which will show the real time pressure guage and remaining power

With Valva Converter

Comes with valva converter, ball converter, the portable air pump is good for topping off car, bike, scooter tire and kinds of balls

Portable Air Pump Electric









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